Air Plant Care


Water Once Weekly

Once a week, make sure to soak your air plant in distilled or rain water. Mostly, you're trying to choose water that doesn't have the chemicals of city water. You can use a mister between waterings, but make sure to get a good soak in too.

SOAK for 20-30 minutes.

AIR DRY on a towel before returning it to it's planter


Learning to talk to plants.

Watch your plant, and how it's responding to it's light and water situation. If leaves start to curl in ways that don't look quite right, it's thirsty. Pay attention that it's not being overwhelmed by or denied sun. You're looking for bright, indirect light.

Also pay attention to the color of your plant when it's happy and watered, dry and happy, and dry and unhappy. :)


Species you may own now:

The plants I use are as follows: Ionantha Rubra, Harrisii, Baileyi, Caput Medusae, Setacea, Butzil, and Xerographica. So, schmoogle your new plant baby. Feel free to reach out to me with questions if you need any help!