Raging Art On


Raging Art On 2017 @ Gamut Gallery

I was incredibly lucky to have shown at this Holiday show last year as well, and the year before, Gamut was host to my installation with Krista Braam called "Common Oasis." My favorite phrase associated with this show is "Come for the art, stay for the party." Gamut Gallery is featuring DJs each night, and the event is sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Amanda Weber, Ana Taylor, Andrew D. Wiechman, Angel Hawari, Barret Lee, Beatrix* JAR, Benjamin Wuest, Ben Sagmoe, Bethany Birnie, Biafra Inc., Boxy Mouse, Brant Kingman, Brookita Corazón, Cassie Garner, Chromanttica, CL Martin, Don White, Erik Farseth, Erin Sayer, Fabrik Marge, Jacob Eidem, James Kloiber, Jennifer Hunt, Jesse Golfis, Jesse Quam, Jodi Bee, Josie Severson, June Moon, Kate Renee, Katie Anne, GOAT, Cheeky Hendricks, Lauren Ries, Lindsey Rivera, Linnea Doyle, Lizardman, Mari Navarro, Matthew Huck, Micah S. Ailie, Miles Taylor, Morgan Pease, Moustache Jim, Phaedra Odelle, Pseudo Manitou, Rachel Andrzejewski, Rachel Schroeder, Renee Chartier, REPO, Rodrigo Oñate, Russ White, Shanna Allyn, Scott Seekins, Tierney Houdek, Tony “Etones” Larson, Wundr, Wyatt Peterson, Yuya Negishi

DATES & HOURS: Wed – Sat, Dec 7th-10th, 1-10pm  & Sun, Dec 11th, 1-5pm

Find out more at their website: www.gamutgallerympls.com